World music

Twelvetones 2006
Katan – amazing voices from Hungary

Composer, producer
Popular music has been having the kind of rebirth that classical music had at the beginning of the last century. Composers who are searching for new paths have found a flood of inspiration in the basic foundations of musical resources, most of all in folk music.In this record by Katan I used adaptations of Transylvannian-Moldavian-Hungarian folk themes and motifs. Kata Horvati and Ancsa Papp sing these songs in such a pure, strong and powerfully expressive way that is a characteristic of performers who have truly mastered the forms of Hungarian Folk songs. And the musical “accompaniment” is an equally important companion to the new and well formed structures. It’s one of the peculiarities and strengths of this album that different great artists who represent different genres of music play together. The musical heritage the great Hungarian composers, Bartók and Kodály, the world famous adaptors of Hungarian folk music, was the inspiration for this album. The world of these great composers can be felt in the harmonisation and in the motifs of these songs, which is a kind of respectful bow from the creators of this album to those great musicians of the past.
featuring Kit Walker on piano

stopÁrva madár

Retropolis CD
Warner/BMM 1998
Károly Binder: Retropolis

Producer, arranger
Binder Károly – pianoFaltay Csaba – keyboards, computer programming, samplingBruzsa Gábor – bassguitarCsepregi Gyula – sopran and tenor saxophoneFekete Kovács Kornél – trumpetBorbély Mihály – sopran and alto saxophone, tárogatóSzőke Szabolcs – sarangi, gadulkaJuhász Endre – oboa 
stopPünkösdi rózsa

Csintalan CD
Twelvetones/EMI MS 2003

Album went Platinum album in 2005
Little Cow: Csintalan

Mixing engineer, producer
stopVirágok a réten
featuring Romano Drom

Zuboly CD
Megadó 2010
Zuboly: Virágoztass engem!

Mixing engineer
stopEsmét esik

Twelvetones 2007